Friday, May 18, 2007

Goodbyes are hard!!!

It was probably the hardest thing to do! Some of the mamas started to cry as I was saying goodbye. The children were asking over and over when I was going to return. They had a going away party for me up at the school in the two classes I taught in and all the kids made me cards! They were so cute, it was the quietest party I have ever seen when it comes to kids though. They all just sat there eating their cookies. I was good, I didn't cry until I had completly walked away! I had such an amazing adventure and learned so much! I can't wait to go back to visit or live, I could see either one happening.

I arrived in Ukraine to visit mom, and neither one of my bags made it! However mom was still there waiting, as I tried to talk to someone about where my bags were. It's a quick visit but we already walked around downtown today and I got to see alot! I will see you all soon!